Alternatives to the W3C (was Re: Alternatives to the W3C)

Didier PH Martin martind at
Sat Jan 22 14:21:49 GMT 2000

Hi Tim,

Tim said:
That's only if you think that IE5 counts as an XML browser, realistically.
I don't. -Tim

Didier replies:
Its a point of view. Its like saying that, at the beginning of the century
these flying things where not airplanes and this wasn't the case until super
jet appeared. You may say that, it all depends of the definition of what an
airplane is and so it is the case for XML browsers.

 I would say, however, and this is my opinion, that IE5 is an XML browser,
not a perfect one, not probably the best one and probably not the most
popular within certain circles, but it remains that it can download XML and
render it, imperfectly I agree, with XSLT and a bit better with CSS.
Features are still missing to make it a better XML browser? yes off course
like these airplanes at the beginning of the century. Nonetheless these
thing where flying, nonetheless, this thing (IE5) browses XML.

Didier PH Martin
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