Revised XLinks and XPointers chapters

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at
Sat Jan 22 16:44:21 GMT 2000

I have updated Chapter 16, XLinks, and Chapter 17, XPointers,  of the 
XML Bible to cover the latest working draft of XLink published 
January 19, 2000. You'll find them at

The main change in the XLink chapter was removing all references to the
element based syntax that was eliminated in the last draft. I also 
added information about the new semantics of xlink:show and 
xlink:actuate and cleaned up the discussion of linkbases and external 
link sets. The XPointer chapter didn't change very much. Mostly I 
just cleaned up some detritus that had been removed in earlier 
working drafts but that I had missed in previous revisions, like the 
vertical bar | as an alternative to # in URIs.

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