XML for 3D geometry and objects

Len Bullard cbullard at hiwaay.net
Sat Jan 22 18:55:42 GMT 2000

Charlie Kaiman wrote:
> Could someone enlighten us -- or at least me -- on VML/SVG and what is *so*
> revolutionary about them?  I seen some amazing things done with VRML, but
> the VML demos (that I've seen) just don't compare?  Is there a difference?

VRML97 - real time 3D animation with textures, inclusions, API, and so

SVG - namespace enabled 2D markup language (DOM enabled?);  pretty much 
a spec for the original Chamberlain/Goldfarb paper on the subject from 
the early SGML days

X3D - the project name for the VRML200x (Revision of VRML97) and also
name for the XML encoding for VRML200x.  VRML is redefined using an 
abstract IDL and two encodings (X3D/XML and UTF-8/VRML97 syntax).  

SVG as revolutionary app to web?  No, just the vector way to replace 
the GIFs, PNGs, etc. with all of the vector advantages.  VRML200x 
will be profiled to enable scalable implementations such that 
one can deliver the browser with the content.   SVG and VRML are 
targeted to different product types with the usual amount of 
overlap.  The X3D and SVG designers have liaisons to try to get 
that overlap to work for the consumers.


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