Geoworks and their patent

Didier PH Martin martind at
Sun Jan 23 19:24:00 GMT 2000

Hi John,

John said:
I see no mention of wireless in the patent, yet they appear to only be
applying the patent to WAP. It looks to me like a generic patent on the
concept of stylesheets

Didier replies:
I agree with you. It seems more applied to the concept of style sheet than
to the concept of transport (i.e. WAP). But, they target phones as a revenue
source instead of browsers. Funny, because, according to the patent, it
would be ISP or CSP that can be sued. Now, the big question, can we
demonstrate that before 1994 this concept was existing? If yes, the patent
is obsolete.

I am curious to hear what W3C will say on this.

Didier PH Martin
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