ANNOUNCE. PXSLServlet v 0.2

Paul Tchistopolskii paul at
Mon Jan 24 05:00:49 GMT 2000

Version 0.2 of PXSLServlet is available for download 
from :

Version 0.2 allows user to use the power of XSLT 
with data stored in any SQL database. 

When invoked in Advanced mode, PXSLServlet turns 
the SQL data into XML on the fly. In this mode PXSLServlet 
receives 2 parameters: 

-  s2x parameter points to the S2X template 
-  xsl parameter points to the XSLT stylesheet 

S2X template contains the schema of desired XML file. 
Mapping of SQL data into complex hierarhical XML structures 
( not into well-known ordinary 'rowset' / 'row' ) is specified 
with just 1 ( one ) S2X tag ( with 4 parameters ). 

User 'draws' the desired XML and then PXSLServlet fills 
the 'template' with actual data from SQL tables. 

Next versions ( under development ) will contain even more 
sophisticated, convinient and efficient ways for mapping 
SQL into XML and back. 


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