Clearer W3C Specs (was Re: XML Information Set is seeding impenetrable language; reconsider?)

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Mon Jan 24 09:09:20 GMT 2000

"Thomas B. Passin" <tpassin at> writes:

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> The IETF won't bless an RFC until there are two independent implementations.
> I think this is the right kind of approach.  Surely, Tim B's Lark
> implementation must have been a great help to the XML committee (I'm
> guessing, I don't really know anything about its role).  There's nothing
> like trying to build to a spec to uncover its lack of clarity.

The W3C has recently introduced a status of Candidate Recommendation
which we expect most RECs to pass through, which is specifically
designed for implementation feedback.  XML Schema is certainly
intending to take advantage of this.

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