my XSLT equipment

DuCharme, Robert DuCharmR at
Tue Jan 25 20:54:29 GMT 2000

>After searching a translation XML Schema --> C++ declarations and SAX
>(which I'm finally doing myself), I'm looking for the translation :

>XML Schema --> DTD

>I currently use XML Authoriy 1.1 demo version (of, but I
don't want to be dependant of it.

Part of the point of using schemas is that they can store more information
about your document type's structure than a DTD can, so going backwards
means a loss of information. It's a tougher process to automate because
sometimes judgment are necessary.

For now, I don't think you're going to find a better tool for this than
XML-Authority. Why don't you want to be dependent on it?

>But it's such an obvious need that it should be available somewhere.

Few people (besides the folks at Extensibility and IBM Alphaworks) want to
write code that manipulates the information in W3C Schema while the spec is
still a moving target--look how much it changed in its last revision. Once
its settled into Recommendation status, I'm sure you'll see many more tools
out there. 

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