Didier PH Martin martind at netfolder.com
Tue Jan 25 23:01:03 GMT 2000

Hi Tomas,

Thomas said:
What an interesting idea!  Could we really do this?  Each paper would have
to have an editor, and hopefully a number of contributors.  The current
state of the draft would have to be accessible to all somewhere.  Just as in
the posts about SAX2, the editor could post key sections of the draft that
are being worked on, then post the final results of that section.  Because
this is likely to involve a lot of time, I picture these papers as being
short, compelling position papers on well-defined topics.  Otherwise it will
be hard to get them finished.

Could it really be published as coming from the XML-DEV list? Hmm...

Someone else jump in here, what do you think?

Didier replies:
I think that this is a wonderful idea. If OASIS is good enough to provide us
a directory where all our documents could be stored so that all xml-dev
members can have access to it. Because OASIS is courteous to host the
XML-DEV list, maybe they could be even more courteous and store our
editorial production. If for any reasons, it is impossible for OASIS, I am
sure that among us we can find someone who can be as courteous as OASIS and
store our editorial content.

And because I have the habit to walk my talk, I already wrote a small paper
about the table of content pattern to be added to the XML-DEV editorial
content (ref: http://www.netfolder.com/xlink/TOC_pattern.htm)

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