Attribute normalisation and character entities

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>The XML rec says

For character references, the table in 4.4 specifies "Included" rather
then "Included in literal", but in any case, the first point in
section 3.3.3 ("a character reference is processed...") must be
explaining the same thing (rather than something that happens
afterwards), otherwise there would be no character references present.

The algorithm in 3.3.3 applied to a non-CDATA attribute

   "foo &#x9; bar"

will first replace the character reference with a tab character, so we
will have

  space tab space

Then the "further processing" will do nothing, because there are no
sequences of more than one space character.

The only way that the tab could become a space is if both the first
and third points of section 3.3.3 were applied to it, but the natural
reading is that those points are alternatives.

-- Richard
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