An Open, industry-neutral schema for transaction processing

Bill la Forge b.laforge at
Thu Jan 27 07:05:53 GMT 2000

I am interested in developing an XML schema for transaction processing that
could form part of the basis for an open platform for document-based processing.

Has this already been done? Does anyone else have a similar interest?


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Subject: January 26 meeting comments

> While impressed with what SOAP accomplishes--language neutral serialization--I
> find myself part of the group that seems to be looking for a platform for document
> processing.
> Now, it may well be that Microsoft's Biz-talk can contribute to such a platform,
> but it also looks like there needs to be a transactional component as well.
> (One thing I like about namespaces is that we can--hopefully--deal with
> orthoganal issues in different schema.)
> The Jan 26 meeting raises, at least in my mind, one question:
>     Would it be worth developing a schema for transaction processing?
>     And TIP seems like a good place to start:
> Mind, I am not proposing that we simply replace TIP with XML.
> TIP was never intended to pass content, just control flow. 
> I'd be more interested in a TIPML which also serves as a wrapper
> for content--even if the content itself is nothing more than a set of URLs.
> Is anyone else interested in undertaking such an effort?
> Bill la Forge,

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