An Open, industry-neutral schema for transaction processing

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Thu Jan 27 23:02:26 GMT 2000

Looks like there is an IETF internet draft that relates:

(Thanks to Ron Kleinman for pointing this out.)


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> Bill la Forge wrote:
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> > I am interested in developing an XML schema for transaction processing that
> > could form part of the basis for an open platform for document-based processing.
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> > Has this already been done? Does anyone else have a similar interest?
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> > Bill
> I was thinking along the same lines, a DTD that will specify a sequence
> of operations occuring inside a transaction.
> If the DTD is generic enough it could be useful in various environments.
> You know the common cases, but it could also be used to reconfigure an
> application's transaction through XML, to schedule transactional
> operations (cron style), or even to negotiate the contents of a
> transaction.
> The DTD will involve a specification of the transaction and it's
> resources, and a set of operations to carry, plus operations to carry in
> the event of the transaction committing or aborting.
> Each operation would be a lookup for an object, parameters and possibly
> an expected return value.
> arkin
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