Data exchange BOF at Netscape

Gregory M. Messner gmessner at
Thu Jan 27 15:41:49 GMT 2000

On Jan 25 a BOF meeting was held at Netscape to primarially discuss
application data exchange.  For those of us that were not able to attend,
does anyone have meeting notes or any information on the gathering?

Following is an email from the java-xml-interest mailing list desrcribing
the meeting:

> We wish to hold an open meeting to discuss ecommerce data exchange 
> problems and techniques. In IETF47 there will be a BOF 
> on this area and material discussed will input this BOF. 
> The problem areas being addressed: 
> Particularly in the ecommerce area, there is a rapidly growing need to 
> exchange data between applications. XML, as an application-neutral and 
> metadata-aware medium, is used to describe and express the data. For 
> various application areas, there are industry consortiums and other bodies 
> defining  schema, but currently there is no common underlying protocol for 
> transmisson of the data. 
> Existing protocols for RPC or object invocation - such as IIOP and  DCOM - 
> appear to have enough difficulties so that other WEB approaches need to 
> be evaluated. SOAP is an example technology that will be examined. 
> Our meeting will discuss this problem space and related technologies.

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