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Peter Murray-Rust Peter at
Tue Feb 25 23:32:51 GMT 1997

Quite a number of people have joined the list and I'm looking forward
to seeing some other contributions than mine :-).  The hypermailing of the
list makes it extremely useful for extracting information by topic for 
XML-related questions, such as the current FAQ from Peter Flynn or (possibly)
a set of WWW pages for XML-DEV-like resources.  I'd like to suggest that
for commonly occurring topics we use the Subjects carefully.  For example,
if you wonder (as I will do shortly) how something in the current draft
works, choose a general topic like "Interpretation of Draft" rather
that "why doesn't X do Y when I do Z?".  Similarly, if you want to know 
whether there is an XML-ised version of HTML, choose a subject "HTML DTD".
I shan't prescribe or proscribe topics, but being mindful of the value of
archiving, I may suggest changes of Subject.  Please don't feel inhibited 
about topic - I expect to see "Where shall we meet for drinks at GCA?" and
similar, but try to separate the exploratory, discursive or rambling ones 
from the precise topics that might be mined for jewels.  It is also worth
searching the topics before posting...

One technical point which I'd like advice on is "What shall we do about
posting markup itself?"  There is no problem with mailers (?), but if 
hypermailers encounter <FOO>  (that read &lt;Foo&gt;) it could be missed.
(I know when I browse a *.sgm file, Netscape tries to interpret the markup 
as HTML.)  Does markup enclosed in <PRE> ... </PRE> escape?

Suggested subject: Parsers
Perhaps to start the ball rolling, I'll ask if anyone has used Lark or NXP
(Java-based).  I've used both.  What are you looking for in Parsers?  Is the
API that Lark and NXP offer reasonable?  Would you want to build in sgmls,
SP, sgmlc, etc.?  


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