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Peter Murray-Rust said:

| > there is a new magazine article on XML avaliable.
| Could you ask IX magazine to make sure it stays on the WWW for as long as 
| possible?  (If so, is that the permanent URL?).

Yes, the URL is intended to be permanent.

| 	If you ever think of drawing diagrams for XML-LINK that would be 
| a great help to me :-).

All diagrams were taken from my master thesis. It deals with ways of industrial
strength HTML publishing. My professor advised me not to publish it until I 
have a "quoteable publication" on the topic, which I think I have now.
Sad but true it's German only. But maybe some of the diagrams are of use.
They depict all of ISO/IEC 10179, SGML basics and Jigsaw. Second drawback is
that they were done with a non-mainstream design program.
But if anyone want to use any of them for non-commercial things, just ask.

The (also permanent) URL for the PostScript (107 single sided DINA4 pages)
version of the complete thesis is:

There are about 30 pictures throughout the text. Please note that the thesis
was finished before the advent of full XML, so some things are outdated.
Others, as the DSSSL overview and the SGML introduction, may be still usefull.

| (one small correction - 

Thanks to you and others who sent comments and errata via private mail. 
Obviously the translator didn't use the final German article as a basis, so
extinct errors were re-introduced. Some are new in the english version (e.g.
TEI is not HyTime). All known errors will be removed ASAP.

Just a note:
I went through the writer/editor/writer cycle 8 times for this article. The
main problem was the XML terminology. Formally correct sentences are often
not understandable by non-expert readers, while understandable versions are
often formally incorrect. So the cycle often was me writing formally correct
words, my editor "improving" them, me making the sentence correct again etc.
XML/SGML language could turn out to be a major problem for XML. E.g. just
try to explain the differences between markup/element/tag to a HTML person.
In HTML it's all the same ... (at least in common understanding).

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