André Camenzind andre.camenzind at alcatel.ch
Wed Nov 3 20:59:38 GMT 1999

Lars George wrote:

> Hi Anton,
> I do the same thing but on the server-side. Have a look at IBM's Alphaworks
> site into the source of the XMLEnabler. This is a servlet that does the same
> thing. It even gives you a chance to decide which XSL you use for which user
> agent (browser). Therefore you can transform your data on the server and
> serve it to all available browsers out there just by providing different XSL
> stylesheets. I find that rather amazing, and it is simple too!


Thanks for the tip Lars.
The XMLEnabler seems to be a really nice tool, but it looks like that you have to use the
Lotus XSL Processor. Is it possible to use another XSL Processor? Has anyone tried to use
another XSL Processor?


Andre Camenzind
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