Creating HTML tags through XSL.

THOMAS PASSIN tpassin at
Wed Feb 2 13:42:32 GMT 2000

Peter Murray-Rust replied to a post of mine:

> At 09:38 PM 1/31/00 -0500, THOMAS PASSIN wrote:
> >The "</TABLE/>" tag is not legal in xml or html.
> For those who actually need to output non-wellformed documents from XSLT,
> James Clark's XT has an extension (nxml) in the documentation and the
> demos. [I use this to build lists of <!ENTITY... for example.]
> It took me a little while to find this so I assume there is no universal
> way for doing this using core XSLT without extensions (James usually
> exactly those extensions which people find they need but didn't realise!).
> P.

Just to round out this topic, with the latest versions of xslt you can also
emit legal HTML that is not wellformed XML by using the <xsl:output
method="html"/> tag.  xslt processors that are up-to-date with the standard,
like XT, can do this.  There are also other non-xml options.

Tom Passin

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