Oracle & Z39.50- PL/SQL or Java gizmo?

Jerome McDonough jmcdonou at
Wed Jan 26 22:37:48 GMT 2000

At 09:42 AM 01/26/2000 -0500, John Robert Gardner wrote:
>Our project with the rafts of data for library-related and private access,
>via Z39.50 protocol (preference for full facility support) is reaching the
>stage where our DBA wants to prototype a Z39.50 mechanism for accessing
>the test bed server, while our SIM Z39.50 (which _completely_ rocks with
>Z39.50) develops other mechanisms alongside.
>Does anyone know of such a PL/SQL or Java Z39.50 interface and sample
>which we could look at for Oracle?

There's a company called Compusult which makes a product called
Meta Manager, which provides a Z39.50 front end that can hook to
an Oracle DB at the backend.  It's really intended for people trying
to make geospatial data available in accordance with FGDC's content
standards, but I suspect it can be tweaked for other uses.  See for details.

You'll also want to have a look at Blue Angel's Meta Star Enterprise
package (, which provides a
Z39.50 server integrated with ODBC functionality.  It provides
pretty much everything you need for storing XML in databases
and making it available through Z39.50.

There is a commercial, Java package for Z39.50 work available,
although I haven't tried it.  It's called zedJava, and you can
get further details at

Also, as a general rule, the Library of Congress is a good place
to look for information on Z39.50 and X.  Their website at gives
a fairly comprehensive list of the major software packages available
for establishing Z39.50 client/server operations.

Hope that helps.

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